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Almost there!

July 2, 2010

I’m going home on Sunday! I’m so excited. ;u;

I have decided that I’m going to start working on Tsubaki’s ACT 2 as soon as possible. I would really like to have her have all her sounds- and now that I’ve been doing this for awhile, I understand more what needs to happen when I’m recording. So hopefully she’ll be more high-quality. ;u;b

SHUN is also getting redone. I realized that he is way too similar to Misakura Hayao, and it makes me sad. :I So rather than Visual Kei he’s getting toned down to J-ROCK. (That’s easier to draw anyway.) I hope haloheroine doesn’t think he’s too similar. He will maybe have glasses, and I am so happy because glasses are my favorite. ;u;

I had a derped out conversation with Otono-san the other day. I’m too formal, I think. I should be more casual, and I will work hard!
Wotamori-san as well- he has been very nice to me, explaining the details of Japanese vs. English. He is a very nice person, and I am glad I met him. =u=b

As soon as I get home, I’m going to work hard on art trades, and vocaloid songs. I need to make a chorus! ;u;



June 24, 2010

uwaaa, waiting around for the surgeon is both nerve-wracking and boring.
Low-risk surgery makes it less worrisome, but still… only two people allowed in the room at once! There are three people! So my brother and I have to switch out…

I have two classes I need to finish this summer on my own. I’ve barely started the first one… OTL

I feel so busy, but all I’ve really been doing is sitting around waiting for doctors and nurses.

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of headaches too… Maybe it’s the change in altitude. I’ll eat some medicine for it, but it’s bothersome since I don’t usually get this many headaches…

No UTAU action to speak of in terms of JUN or Tsubaki or SHUN. Not that I can think of, anyway.

That’s all- I’ll update again sometime with a post that actually has a picture. I don’t have my tablet right now. :c

roku adventures~

June 15, 2010

Made my first UST today~ It was an adventure fore sure. =w=; I picked a sad song to counter Gill’s Konayuki, because I wanted Roku to sing something even more depressing. :c

I don’t really have anything else to add… o wo Today was a pretty slow day. =A=

husband adventures

June 15, 2010


Today was very very boring.

I went to a Student Council meeting, but we ended up talking more than working. OTL
Dinner was good though- we had spaghetti and cream puffs and garlic bread and salad…. and beans… and fruit…
It was so good. xAx

I also realized that my Japanese is absolutely terrible. I always always use the wrong particles, and it’s so frustrating. D|
I have to work harder if I’m going to take the Japanese SAT II. I must be able to have a coherent conversation!
Especially since I feel like I accidentally pressured Haku-san. I guess “I can’t wait” is a lot stronger in Japanese than it is in English.
Please take your time, Haku-san! OTL

I have no other real updates today….

So have a Byakkoya. It’s my favorite UTAU song ever!

FAILWHALE adventures

June 14, 2010

Idk what Tai’s been talking about, but Twitter has been down for about an hour for me. I’m a little depressed. XD I wonder if it’s bad that I’m already going through Twitter withdrawals? It’s so fun, so it’s easy to get addicted…. orz

Tsubaki-chan’s surge of attention makes me feel like I need to get the song I was planning for her done, but picking something is difficult… =u=; I feel bad, because I feel like I owe Tai a lot. =w=; I will get on it~

But first, I have to take care of this Hitotsu no Negai ust I’m working on for Roku. I’m about halfway done with it, so I’m excited. I hope Otono likes it! =u=

On an off topic rant within a pairing thread on OUF, I became part of a monster — Tits, the giantress bouncy-voiced UTAU, who apparently is paired with Tree. What will come of this, who knows, but I’m glad to be a part of it. =w=;

On another note, it appears that Yue Nagareboshi’s formspring has been getting trolled lately, and I feel a little guilty. I didn’t think Tetete would cause any issues for anybody, because I thought that the UTAU fandom was a little more mature than spreading hate because they weren’t involved… =A=;; I don’t think it was taken too seriously though, so I guess it’s okay… I still feel pretty bad though. XD;

I also did cover art for a MathieuNeko song today, and I like how it turned out, but it ended up stretching on the video cover… =w=;;; I’m pretty sure I made it the right size for a video cover, but I guess I was wrong… =w=; Oh well, as long as they enjoyed it. XD;

Today, I was playing with Hayari’s ACT2 voicebank, and I realized that some of her sounds are weird. =w=;; I’ll either have to rerecord them with Joseph Clark and Tai later or replace them with ACT1’s sounds… I’m doing that for u, but I don’t know about the others. =w=;
And that’s about it for today~ =w=

dead twitter adventures

June 14, 2010


Twitter died for about ten minutes now. I already feel dead inside.

I updated the header! It’s very temporary, and I’ll be adding in some silhouettes later, but for now, it’ll have to do. =u=

JUN has been released! He has no demo song right now, since I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to work on the UST I need for his debut song, but….
Whatever. :c
The link to his VB is on the UTAU VB page, so go take a look and DL him! |D He’s only about 11MB, so it’ll be quickie~! ;D


Two people have used Tsubaki in their videos! Yesterday was a very productive one for the little princess:

^ This is such a great song, I’m glad Tsuba got to sing it. |D I would’ve been way too lazy to make it myself. <33

^ I’ve never heard this song before now, but wow. ;A; It’s very fitting for Tsubaki! I love vio to bits and pieces. =u= And the cover art is amazing- I need to start incorporating more GFX and less art into my covers.
I’m better at GFX anyway.

June 14, 2010



I wish I had more time to make them sing/draw them together seriously… ;u; One day!