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dead twitter adventures

June 14, 2010


Twitter died for about ten minutes now. I already feel dead inside.

I updated the header! It’s very temporary, and I’ll be adding in some silhouettes later, but for now, it’ll have to do. =u=

JUN has been released! He has no demo song right now, since I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to work on the UST I need for his debut song, but….
Whatever. :c
The link to his VB is on the UTAU VB page, so go take a look and DL him! |D He’s only about 11MB, so it’ll be quickie~! ;D


Two people have used Tsubaki in their videos! Yesterday was a very productive one for the little princess:

^ This is such a great song, I’m glad Tsuba got to sing it. |D I would’ve been way too lazy to make it myself. <33

^ I’ve never heard this song before now, but wow. ;A; It’s very fitting for Tsubaki! I love vio to bits and pieces. =u= And the cover art is amazing- I need to start incorporating more GFX and less art into my covers.
I’m better at GFX anyway.

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