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FAILWHALE adventures

June 14, 2010

Idk what Tai’s been talking about, but Twitter has been down for about an hour for me. I’m a little depressed. XD I wonder if it’s bad that I’m already going through Twitter withdrawals? It’s so fun, so it’s easy to get addicted…. orz

Tsubaki-chan’s surge of attention makes me feel like I need to get the song I was planning for her done, but picking something is difficult… =u=; I feel bad, because I feel like I owe Tai a lot. =w=; I will get on it~

But first, I have to take care of this Hitotsu no Negai ust I’m working on for Roku. I’m about halfway done with it, so I’m excited. I hope Otono likes it! =u=

On an off topic rant within a pairing thread on OUF, I became part of a monster — Tits, the giantress bouncy-voiced UTAU, who apparently is paired with Tree. What will come of this, who knows, but I’m glad to be a part of it. =w=;

On another note, it appears that Yue Nagareboshi’s formspring has been getting trolled lately, and I feel a little guilty. I didn’t think Tetete would cause any issues for anybody, because I thought that the UTAU fandom was a little more mature than spreading hate because they weren’t involved… =A=;; I don’t think it was taken too seriously though, so I guess it’s okay… I still feel pretty bad though. XD;

I also did cover art for a MathieuNeko song today, and I like how it turned out, but it ended up stretching on the video cover… =w=;;; I’m pretty sure I made it the right size for a video cover, but I guess I was wrong… =w=; Oh well, as long as they enjoyed it. XD;

Today, I was playing with Hayari’s ACT2 voicebank, and I realized that some of her sounds are weird. =w=;; I’ll either have to rerecord them with Joseph Clark and Tai later or replace them with ACT1’s sounds… I’m doing that for u, but I don’t know about the others. =w=;
And that’s about it for today~ =w=

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