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adventures among adventures~

June 13, 2010

So we started a blog. Why? … TBH, I have no idea at all. XD It seemed like a fun idea, and it looks like a lot of other people in the UTAU community have one, so why not, you know?

Today has been a pretty exciting day, especially for Tsubaki-chan who’s been getting so much attention lately! oAo I’m really happy about this. =u= I can’t wait until all of the POPLOIDS are finished so that we can make them sing together and their little family will be complete. =u=; I still don’t know how to roll my r’s though, so this will create difficulties recording Kasui…

I asked Misakura Hayao’s creator to do Hayari ACT2’s otos as well, and I’m really excited to get them. As soon as I do, I’m making JUN-kun and Hayari sing ggrks for sure. =u= I’m also currently working on making Roku sing Hitotsu no Negai by Inoue Hikari, which I should really probably go work on… =u=;;

I drew a group picture of the POPLOID family today too. =u= The coloring style… I like it, but it takes way too long, so I probably won’t be trying it again any time soon… XD;; pixiv~

I kind of wish I had a song to put it to but… not everybody is done… orz

On another note…

I want to put a video in this because it feels kind of lonely without one. =u=; For the most part, this video seems to be getting a lot of good attention, but at the same time, a lot of people took it the wrong way… XD; It’s just an opinion after all! ;A;  I think there are a lot of good Overseas UTAU, these were just my favorites… =u=;;

But yeah, that’s it for the Scarf, she has request art to do that’s really really late… =u=;;;;;;;;;;;;


oto adventures

June 13, 2010

Hey all! I’m taiwonton~

Today I asked Misakura Hayao’s creator to do some Oto’s for JUN…
And I didn’t realized that muted tracks on Mixcraft count as a part of the total length of the ultimate sound clip.
So at the end of ALL of his clips there’s this massive silence, and I feel terrible that I wasn’t more proactive and I didn’t delete the empty spaces before I sent her the sound clips.
OTL ;^;

In the meantime, I made a rendition of Remioromen’s Konayuki with Gill yesterday.
It’s the first time I’ve ever drawn tears, so I was quite happy with how sad the picture wound up being. =u=
Gill’s voice really is one of my favorites. ♥